Owing to the differences in body structure,
all the tools of yoga are not meant for everyone.
For in reality some are stout, some lean,
some crooked and some others lame.

Yoga Rahasya of Nāthamuni .31

Yoga, A Daily Practice

Yoga is a daily discipline, which is best practiced by one's self in a quiet space.
With our focus on the breath this ancient practice moves us towards stillness of body and clarity of mind.

Developing a self practice is not as difficult as you might imagine. Through monthly individual lessons you will be give a practice that is appropriate to your stage in life the time you have available and other demands that are upon you.

The process starts with a free consultation giving us a chance to meet in person. We will explore whats required and your potential for working this way.

The free consultation is a 'karma free zone', there is no obligation to continue.
For more information please
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Group Classes

A weekly group class is held at:

The Luton Irish Forum, 102 Hitchin Road, Lu2 0ew:

6pm - 7.15pm Thursday

Group classes are generic so are not suitable for those with specific needs or aliments.

If you require yoga for therapeutic needs it is advisable to arrange a free consultation to discuss your potential to develop a home practice, as explained opposite.